It's time for a new venture in tapes!

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes , also known under the product brand Fasson, is a world-class operation focused on developing and manufacturing high performance pressure-sensitive tapes and adhesive solutions for a broad range of applications, providing innovative technologies, adhesive platforms and products. As a recognized industry leader, we leverage our global scale and technological expertise to design, engineer and deliver custom solutions to a constantly growing variety of markets such as automotive, appliance, electronics, building and construction, and for a wide range of diverse industrial applications. Our personal care solutions for consumer applications are used worldwide. We have over forty years of experience supplying the latest industrial and personal care adhesive tape innovations, application solutions and products designed to meet customer needs across the globe. We understand our customer’s needs from a technical perspective, and provide training to help ensure they can fully utilize our products. Our unique approach creates a connection between our customers and our sales, marketing and technical teams.

Featured New Product: Line set Tape

Avery Dennison has a complete line of Fasson HVAC and Insulation-related tapes for your needs