Eaton B-Line series, formerly Cooper B-Line, is a leading manufacturer and fabricator of metal products used in the support of pipe and equipment for industrial, commercial, utility and OEM installations.

Along with pipe hangers, customers have access to the most complete support system offering, including: strut systems, cable tray, vibration control devices, slotted angle, spring steel fasteners, telecom supports, enclosures and fiberglass strut. B-Line’s condensed HVAC/R line includes support products such as channel, Vibraclamps, Vibra Cushion, pipe clamps, pipe hangers, strut fittings, channel nuts, beam clamps, anchors, and Dura-Bloks. 

Featured New Product: 4Dimension Strut

  • Up to 50% reduction in installation time for trapeze applications
  • Up to 55% reduction in material cost in many applications
  • Helps save space and weight by fully utilizing all four sides for ease and flexibility of installation
  • Functional replacement for multi-layer trapeze and back to back strut system, with considerable cost and material savings

Featured Product: New Snap 'N Shield for Strut and Hangers


Bolted Framing

A complete line of channels, fittings and accessories to assemble various support systems. Click here for an overview.

  • Channel Selection Chart
  • Why choose Green v. Gold Strut
  • Buzz Nuts
  • Combo Nuts
  • Dura-Blok Rooftop Supports
  • 2018 Strut/Bolted Framing Catalog



Cooper B-Line has long been a leading manufacturer of support systems and electrical enclosures for the mechanical, electrical and telecommunications industries. Click here for information.

  • Kwik Wire Hanging System


Pipe Hangers & Mechanical Supports

Click here for a wide range of supports for HVACR and plumbing applications.


Seismic Bracing

Click here for a full line of solutions and resources for fire protection, mechanical, plumbing and electrical trades.

Fire Protection Solutions

Click here for a full resources on our fire protection/seismic-focused solutions



Click here for the HVAC/R Product Catalog.


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