Linesets, Inc. was founded in 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona, and over the years has been built into the premier line set manufacturer in the USA.
It has 4 strategically located manufacturing facilities in the U.S. with a unique demand flow manufacturing technology which allows them to offer the shortest lead times in the industry.
Linesets, Inc. offers the most options in terms of custom lengths, insulation types and sizes than any other manufacturer in the U.S. Linesets, Inc. has a 99% fill rate on first shipments allowing them to offer their customers the best fill rates in the industry!

In addition, Linesets, Inc. has added Climate Components to their offering with a variety of products ranging from HALSTEAD copper tube,  SOUTHWIRE thermostat wire, mini-split control wire, and EZ-IN mini-split cable, K-FLEX Titan ER, and elastomeric rubber.