Are you a new or upcoming manufacturer? Do you have little to no sales and would like to improve sales? Do you have a needed or innovative product in the HVAC/R, Plumbing, Mechanical, or Industrial markets? Have you been around with a track record in other parts of the country but need help in specific territories?


If you have answered yes to any of the above questions it might be time for you to explore a Market Development Agreement with S. Williston Sales. Here are the facts. Most professional rep agencies with a track record will not consider a pioneering line with little to no sales if they deem it not worth the effort, time, and money invested. That is just the facts and out there with many rep agencies feeling the brunt of costs shifted to them over the years as well. A traditional rep agency agreement worked for many years but in today's climate, it's just not enough many times for companies who fit in this market segment. For a line with little brand awareness or sales, it can be difficult attracting the the right rep agency and many settle just for anyone. That's where a new paradigm comes in to bridge the gap.  Outsourcing your sales needs can be one of the best decisions a manufacturer can make because of the cost savings but there are limited professional reps out there willing to take your line that can actually do what you need. The market development agreement is a unique program that involves retainers, short term agreements, commissions, and accessing a rep's book of business. It can be invaluable to kicking off sales and a lot cheaper when all is said and done!


Please contact us for a free copy of MANA's White Paper for Manufacturers as well as more details on our program.