2019 Transition: Parker Hannifan/Parker HVAC has purchased CLARCOR Air Filtration and related Purolator brands for integration


Since its founding in 1964, the Purolator brand of air filtration products has provided its customers with high quality products and the best brand name recognition in the HVAC  industry. Purolator products can be found everywhere, in retail outlets, commercial buildings, office complexes, industrial plants, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, and public and government buildings.

Featured Product:  Key Pleat ™

Available in Standard Capacity and High Capacity. *** Performance upgrades continual

• Classified U.L. Class 2 per U.L. Standard 900

• New automated process delivers consistency and durability

• 100% synthetic media

• Standard Capacity MERV-8

• Durable, self-supporting synthetic media

• No metal, fully incinerable

• Lowest Pressure drop of any SSP and most wire backed pleats- .22" WG for standard capacity, .18"     WG for high capacity***