For more than 20 years, Sauermann has been a global market leader in designing, manufacturing, and selling condensate removal pumps (and related finishing equipment) intended for refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating systems.

Today, as an internationally recognized brand, the Sauermann Group employs 100's of people around the world. Sauermann has an unwavering focus on product innovation and the needs of its clients- OEMS, distributors, and HVAC installers.

In addition to producing affordable, quality products for detecting, evacuating, and managing condensate water, the Sauermann Group believes it has a duty to anticipate its human and environmental impacts. For this reason, Sauermann has set itself concrete objectives with a view of participating in a better ecological future for its consumers and ultimately, the world.

Sauermann is a leader in condensate management products which include mini split piston pumps & condenser brackets, 17' & 23' lift condensate tank pumps, and an unique line set hide kit.

Featured Product: SI-30

NEW One pump for any air conditioner up to 5.6 tons (67 kBtu - 20 kW).Sauermann patented technology inside, specifically designed for draining condensates from airconditioning systems. Unequalled operating sound level, <20 dBA, whatever the amount of condensates to drain.